Performance Equity | Approach

PEM’s clients gain access to our entire platform. With us, you get more than a cookie cutter approach to investing. You get the benefit of our experience, the strength of all of our programs, and the attention of our whole team. Boutique attention, with the reach and scale of a large platform. Whether you need a customized separate account solution, access to high quality venture capital managers, or want the benefits of a direct investment strategy, Performance Equity has the experience, team, and relationships needed to help your program hit its targets.



PEM’s platform and experience provides exceptional access to high quality investment opportunities

Deal flow is a critical component of investing. Without a steady stream of high quality investment opportunities, it is impossible to build a portfolio that can consistently deliver strong returns. This is more true in private equity than in any other asset class. Access to opportunities, whether it’s to allocation-constrained venture capital managers,  unique direct investments, or fast-moving buyout managers, is often tightly controlled. PEM’s relationships and experience provides our clients with access to attractive and unique investment opportunities.

Our ability to invest in funds, provide equity for direct company investments, and manage secondary transactions give us a wide range of flexibility to seek out and execute on a variety of opportunities. This flexibility, combined with the team’s experience and relationships, makes us a preferred partner for many managers.

Whether it’s high quality venture managers, proprietary direct deals, or new markets and managers, Performance Equity’s platform is built to generate access to deal flow that enables the second critical element- careful selection.




Not every investment opportunity, no matter how good the source or how exciting the pitch, is a good investment opportunity. Having a steady flow of high quality opportunities is the first step to building a portfolio that can outperform. The next step is careful selection of opportunities that have the greatest chance of outperforming.

The PEM team reviews investment opportunities from across our portfolio of relationships. Many fall quickly to basic screens around portfolio fit, history, and track record.

More then fall out during initial diligence, failing tests on return expectations, strategic or industry issues, or portfolio fit. Those that remain are subject to a rigorous, iterative due diligence process.

Finally, each opportunity is carefully considered for inclusion in each client’s portfolio. We seek to build programs that meet each client’s needs, generating alpha and managing risk across the portfolio.



The PEM team has invested over $2.4 billion in more than 135 direct investments, representing more than 70 GP sponsors from across the PEM platform

We are investors. We’re limited partners, looking for alpha, balancing risk and return, and searching for opportunities. We’re also managers, reporting to investors, generating financials, and running a range of programs. Combined, those viewpoints make a powerful combination.

Our platform was built from the ground up to work for our clients, combining the scale and reach of a large platform with the specialized client service of a boutique firm. We invest across the entire private equity market, from venture to buyouts and everything in between. We build broad focused separate accounts, specialized commingled vehicles, niche programs, and a range of customized solutions. We handle the complex reporting and planning needs of large corporate pensions, and provide individual care and attention for each of our clients.

We have a full operations team, state of the art technology, and world class client service. We can handle any reporting needs, and we can manage a wide variety of mandates. With the power of the PEM platform working for them, our clients access the strength, breadth, and depth of the entire team’s experience.

Private equity is a resource intensive asset class, whether it’s sourcing strong opportunities, diligencing managers, monitoring investments, or reporting on performance and activity. The PEM platform is built to be an extension of clients’ teams, creating solutions to problems, seeking exceptional returns, and providing the service and attention our clients need.